In June 2014, I became editor of Roast, a technical trade publication dedicated to the success of specialty coffee roasters. These are a few of the articles I've written for the magazine:

Cold Brew With Caution: As the popularity of cold-brew coffee continues to explode, this article explores the food safety and quality control aspects of the growing market segment. (July-August 2016)

Family Matters: This feature takes an in-depth look at how family-owned coffee businesses balance the personal and professional. (May-June 2016)

Beyond Bombs and Bloodshed: This feature examines the state of coffee growing and processing in Yemen, through the lens of two Americans working to restore the country to prominence in the global specialty coffee market. (September-October 2015)

The Branding of an Origin: This news item looks at the efforts of the Colombian Coffee Grower's Federation to designate Denominations of Origin for the country's coffee sector. (May-June 2015)

The Benefits of Membership: This article describes a number of coffee-related trade organizations and explores the tangible and intangible benefits of participation. (May-June 2015)