Metro Parent

I began writing for Portland's Metro Parent in 2004. I served as managing editor from December 2009 to August 2012, and editor from September 2012 to May 2014. Here are just a few of the articles I wrote for the magazine. Additional clips are available.

Sleepless in Portland: An Ages & Stages feature exploring four different sleep-related issues of interest to parents with children of varying ages. (Article begins on page 12.)

Five Health Issues You Should Know About: This article offers easy to understand, useful information on women's health topics, including heart health, breast cancer, gynecological cancers, urinary incontinence and depression. (Article begins on page 12.) 

Born in Water: This feature for Metro Parent's annual "Your Baby and You" supplement explores waterbirth, including interviews with health care professionals and local moms who have given birth in water. (This article also was awarded a bronze medal by the Parenting Publications of America in 2008.)
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Many Schools of ThoughtAn overview of several different educational philosophies and how they inform teaching and learning in local schools, including in-depth interviews with parents and educators at public and private schools throughout the area. (This article was awarded a silver medal by the Parenting Publications of America in 2009.)
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Moms Who Mean BusinessThis feature explores the growing number of mothers in the Portland metropolitan area who have launched their own businesses. I learned a lot about balancing work and life through researching this story. As a result of meeting so many other self-employed moms, I became a member of Mamapreneurs, Inc., a dynamic networking and support group for local moms who own their own businesses. (This article was awarded a bronze medal by the Parenting Publications of America in 2008.)
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