The Oregonian

  This is just a small sample of the articles I've written for The Oregonian:

  • Students get a lesson in empathy: This feature details a curriculum unit developed by a local fourth grade teacher to help students understand what it's like to live with a disability.

  • Meet, greet, baby-sit: This feature for the "How We Live" section details an innovative local business pairing highly-qualified babysitters with sitter-seeking parents in a party-like atmosphere.
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  • Schools trash their foam cafeteria trays: This short feature about a Portland Public Schools' pilot program eliminating Styrofoam lunch trays describes the issue from a variety of angles, including student reaction to the new trays, parental interest and involvement, the district's goals for the program, and statistics about the environmental impacts of Styrofoam and school lunch trays ... all in less than 500 words!

  • He's all grown up and still playing cowboy: A brief business profile showcasing a local entrepreneur's first retail venture.